The leader in flow control technology.

* Available through Merlin Instrumentation in Alberta and the Northwest Territories

Beginning with the original 100% stainless steel cartridge for automatic flow limiting control, Griswold Controls has been the leader in HVAC technology for flow control and other applications.

Griswold Controls’ PIC-V®, MVP®, Pinnacle and PIM valves are Pressure Independent Control Valves. Pressure independent (PI) valves can help reduce energy costs and increase occupant comfort. PI control valves are designed to replace the conventional 2 way control valve and balancing valve pair, installed at heating and cooling coils in buildings.

To obtain the most efficient and optimal results in a system, only the necessary amount, no more and no less, of chilled or heated water must be delivered to the heating and cooling coils at all times. 


Griswold Controls pressure independent control and automatic flow limiting is used in many different applications, mostly in the HVAC industry to maintain balance in a HVAC System. This technology dynamically absorbs pressure fluctuations resulting from changing system conditions due to varying heating and cooling loads.

Fluctuations in pressure, within a given pressure differential control range, do not change the flow through the valve, therefore the flow is controlled to within +/- 5% of the designed flow.

Griswold's complete line up of HVAC products includes Pressure Independent Control Valves, Automatic Flow Limiting Valves, 2 Way and 3 Way Actuated Ball Valves (Control Valves), Combination Actuated Ball Valve and Flow Limiting Valves, Manual Balance Valves, Coil Piping Packages and Hose Kits, and more!

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