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 Redefining supplemental air purification and coil cleaning.

Air Sniper combines UVC technology with industrial design to provide supplemental air purification products on an industrial scale that continuously reduces airborne contaminants.

The Air Sniper uses advanced technology and components from around the world, but is proudly designed and manufactured right here in Canada!


 Air Sniper meets the efficacy and safety requirements outlined in ASHRAE 241.

Air Sniper ensures compliance with ASHRAE standard 241, enhancing your building’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and effectively reducing the risk of disease transmission through aerosols. This alignment not only prioritizes health and safety but also contributes to the overall well-being and satisfaction of the building occupants.

ASHRAE 241 Purpose

The purpose of this standard sets minimum requirements for controlling infectious aerosols in new, existing, or renovated buildings, focusing on outdoor air and air cleaning system design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. It specifies the necessary clean airflow to significantly reduce disease transmission risk during infection management mode.

Air Sniper equipment can be easily integrated into your facility. A combination of Stand Alone and In Line units ensures that facilities have the right solutions for your various needs.

The Air Sniper Induct 300W Air Treatment System is designed and developed to sanitize the air rather than filter it. These units are plug-and-play and can fit seamlessly within new or existing HVAC systems.

The Air Sniper Induct 300W works with most Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) or Building Automation Systems (BAS). No need to replace your existing HVAC controls or to add substantial hardware to your data center. It’s simple to install in both new and existing HVAC systems, minimizing overall time requirements and project costs.

Featuring a 55,200 hour lamp life with absolutely zero maintenance, the Air Sniper Induct 300W is a workhorse that minimizes ongoing facility costs.

The Air Sniper Spectrum 800 is also designed and developed to sanitize the air rather than filter it. These plug-and-play units offer complete protection without disruption. The Air Sniper 800 portable unit is whisper quiet, easy to move around and Bluetooth enabled for remote monitoring and control. This portable unit is the most cost effective solution per air exchange when no existing air flow is accessible or available. You get clean air exchanges no installation or operating costs.

The 300W CC coil solution removes buildup on the HVAC coils to improve energy efficiency. With a lifespan of over 6 years (55,200 hours) the 300W CC eliminates the need for yearly lamp replacements, offering the most cost-effective and sustainable coil cleaning solution.

Air Sniper is…

EFFECTIVE - Air Sniper features a six-year (55,200 hour) lamp life with absolutely zero maintenance and minimal ongoing costs and has been proven under strict laboratory testing conditions to consistently and effectively reduce 99.9% of airborne pathogens.

SAFE - Air Sniper equipment is safe to use in occupied spaces, and does not produce harmful by-products unlike other supplemental air sanitization solutions. Tested and proven to produce zero ozone, Air Sniper is a safe and trusted solution giving you peace of mind.

EASY TO INSTALL - Air Sniper is easily integrated into new and existing facilities to provide the finest air quality possible with zero costs for a minimum of 6 years.

EASY TO MAINTAIN - Each unit has exterior LED power indicators that make for easy visual inspection. Air Sniper’s UVC induction technology is the most cost effective solution on the market, eliminating the expensive and time consuming bulb replacement requirements of traditional UVC technology.


Air Sniper’s technology is UL 2998 certified, assuring zero ozone emissions. Their systems exceed all ASHRAE Standards.


We take pride in the quality of our products. In the case of a defective piece of equipment, Alpine Innovative Research Inc. (AIR) offers a limited three-year warranty on all our products (excluding bulbs). In the case of a discovered defect, we will replace or repair the unit.


Air Sniper 300W products feature a 55,200 hour (6+ years) lamp life of continuous use with absolutely zero maintenance.

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