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Monitoring and sensing solutions for critical environments.

Going beyond room pressure.

Setra’s environmental monitoring technology has been field-tested in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and cleanrooms across the globe for over a decade. The Setra FLEX platform easily exceeds the growing regulatory requirements in some of the most tightly-controlled spaces in healthcare, research, and manufacturing. 

Setra FLEX can be configured with either third-party sensors, or can be used in conjunction with Setra’s line of differential pressure, humidity, and particle sensors - helping facility engineers keep critical environments safe for everyone.

The Setra FLEX is a complete monitoring and control solution in a pre-configured and easy-to-use package.

Now you can monitor and control pressure, temperature, humidity, and air changes per hour; plus, any two additional parameters you may require. Visualize the data by either hard wiring the sensors, or by mapping network objects via BACnet. The FLEX is flexible enough to meet any HVAC sensing or control need and customizable enough to monitor energy usage and industrial equipment.


• Flush mount to wall

• Integrates with BMS systems

• 6 parameters per room, total 18

• BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP

• High accuracy pressure transducer

• Monitor and control up to 3 spaces

• 7” touch screen, works with medical gloves

• Configuration options help reduce nuisance alarms

• USB cloning feature reduces time required for multi-unit installation


• Hospitals - ASHRAE standard 170

• Pharmacies - USP 797 & USP 800

• Bio-safety & vivarium laboratories

• Pharmaceutical manufacturing

• Custom for OEM, energy, industrial

• Cleanrooms and high purity facilities

• Sterile Processing and Storage

Think of Setra FLEX as the hub of your environmental monitoring solution. The sensors below (plus many others) can tie into Setra FLEX. Setra FLEX can communicate with any 3rd party sensor over BACnet or direct wiring.

For less critical spaces such as sterile processing and storage areas, isolation rooms, protective patient rooms and more, Setra Lite provides a simple, cost-effective, and accurate way to measure and display room differential pressure for spaces that currently require manual verification. For local staff managing an area, Setra Lite has a light ring that is green or red and an optional audible alarm providing clear indication of room conditions. Setra Lite is designed to easily fit in a single gang electrical box, and also provides a visual display of the pressure, powered by Setra's legendary capacitive pressure sensor.


• Single-room pressure monitoring for a wide variety of pressurized spaces

• Eliminates need for manually checking each room

• Sleek and attractive single wall plate that installs in minutes

• Room pressure pickup included

• Visual alarm via red/green light ring

• Optional audible alarm

• Light ring that can be seen at an angle or down a hallway

• Configurable analog output provides pressure reading to BMS system

The Setra Lite also integrates seamlessly with the Setra FLEX environmental monitor. Mount Setra Lite at additional doors that enter the space, and use an on-screen badge to display its value.


FLEX comes in two models, the FLEX-RM and the FLEX-RC, providing both the best price-to-performance as well as the one-of-a-kind feature set to meet the most difficult application needs. Both FLEX models can be controlled over the network via read/write BACnet objects, permitting both local control via the touch screen or control from the BMS.


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