High precision, thermal dispersion technology.

Available through Merlin Instrumentation across all of Western Canada.

Save energy through precision air monitoring.

EBTRON is helping buildings all over Canada get control of their pressure, supply the correct amount of outdoor air for tenant comfort and health, and save energy through accurate, repeatable and stable airflow measurement.

Thermal dispersion technology, precise factory calibration, and attention to every detail of manufacturing put EBTRON in a class of its own. 

In addition to its traditional airflow stations, EBTRON also manufactures bi-directional bleed flow sensors, fan inlet sensors, data centre rack airflow sensors, and the AIR-IQ packaged damper airflow measurement solution.

The CENSUS "people counter" can be used standalone for occupancy counting or in combination with CO₂ sensors to revolutionize DCV (Demand Controlled Ventilation) and allow immediate, accurate outside air supply to a space when it is needed.

Free EB-Link App! The EB-Link App allows you to view airflow measurement data – temperature, humidity, enthalpy, dewpoint (humidity values available on select models), and other parameters with all EBTRON Gold Series products. Real-time traverse data can be stored on the phone and emailed as a text file. It’s a tool that can enhance TABB and commissioning agents to provide a quick validation anytime without going through the BAS.

Data at the Touch of Your Finger.


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