DDI Wastewater Heat Exchangers

Don’t waste the waste.

Available through Merlin Instrumentation across Western Canada.

Cut costs by recovering heat from your wastewater.

DDI Heat Exchangers are a proven, practical technology for reducing operating costs. Cold incoming water is circulated in rectangular channels past the warm or hot outgoing liquid — whether it is grey water, black water, sewage, or industrial sludge — to recover the heat from the outgoing flow. This reduces the cost of bringing the incoming water up to the required temperature for washing, laundry, industrial use, or HVAC purposes.

DDI Heat Exchangers have a proven track record for:

Low capital cost and easy installation.

Double-walled construction option meeting safety regulations to prevent contamination of the inflowing water.

Rectangular flow channels (patented) maximizes the amount of heat transfer, and provides a large gap to prevent plugging, even in thick sludge and high % solids flows.

The controlled width of the channel provides for a fast flow against baking to the surface.

Easy cleaning: DDI’s ECPS - Easy Cleaning Ports System™ makes it easy to open the channels for inspection and maintenance.


DDI will buy it! Seriously.

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