Top-quality alternatives for your critical spaces.


* Available through Merlin Instrumentation in Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

TSI is the standard for critical room control and monitoring in hospitals and labs across the US—and Canada is starting to learn why. 

The PresSura room pressure controllers are designed to maintain a constant pressure differential in hospital rooms. Backed by TSI’s unique thermal-based pressure sensor, the PresSura products offer the most accurate, precise, and stable measurement available.

Save energy in hospitals and labs by eliminating high cost and high energy Venturi valves, and replacing them with accurate flow measurement and fast acting actuators and dampers. You wouldn't accept 60 year old technology in your home.  Why would you in your hospital or lab?

For fume hoods, TSI’s accurate, direct measurement of critical safety parameters, like face velocity, is a superior method for ensuring the safest fume hoods possible. TSI’s Fume Hood Monitors directly measure the velocity of the air coming into a fume hood, making certain that fume hoods have adequate containment and ventilation at all times.


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