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Merlin Instrumentation is the proud representative of EBTRON airflow measuring stations and devices, Badger Meter fluid flow meters (liquid, BTU), Sage Metering gas flow meters, Griswold Controls pressure independent control valves and flow control technologies, MSA gas detectors, and TSI critical room control monitoring and controls. *

We believe that only the very best products should be represented on our line card—products that we are proud to stand behind.

Products that work the first time.

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We listen to your needs before installation and we are just a phone call away for the life of your project.

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* Not all product lines are available in all Merlin territories. See each product line for details.


You can't control what you don't measure.

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Having the right measurement equipment for the air, water, gas, steam, condensate, and BTU's in your building can mean major cost and energy savings, longer equipment life, happier, more productive tenants, safer labs and hospitals, and fewer service calls. 

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