Flow metering for every situation.

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* Available through Merlin Instrumentation in BC, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

Helping protect the world’s most precious resources, Badger Meter is a market leader in flow measurement technology with more than a century of innovation and strong, stable growth.

Measuring water, oil, chemicals and other fluids, Badger Meter products are known for accuracy, long-lasting durability, and for providing valuable and timely measurement data.

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Offering nearly all commercially available flow measurement technologies, Badger Meter offers solutions for a wide range of customer applications including measurement of liquids, steam, and BTU's. All Badger products are industrial quality at an HVAC price.

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Badger Meter’s technologies include insertion impeller, clamp-on ultrasonic, inline electromagnetic, vortex shedding, nutating disc, BTU calculating, and more.

With Badger, you know you are getting the best meter for your money and customer service with no equals.


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