Optimize ventilation, improve indoor air quality, save energy.

Available through Merlin Instrumentation across all of Western Canada.

Centralized sensing:  More sensing, fewer sensors.

AntrumX™ is a centralized indoor air quality monitoring solution. This award-winning technology delivers more accurate and consistent data than wall-mounted sensors, allowing building managers to save on energy and maintenance costs while creating healthier, more efficient buildings.

Antrum’s patented technology monitors the indoor air quality of up to 32 zones from a single location, allowing facilities to easily calibrate all sensed locations in under one minute.

The AntrumX patented air accelerator uses your building’s differential pressure to create a vacuum that continuously draws air from every monitored space. Air travels from the faceplate in every room through quarter-inch tubing to our patented sensor pack located in the monitoring panel. There, it’s analyzed and IAQ data is communicated to the BMS, allowing you to optimize ventilation, create healthy spaces, and save energy.

AntrumX is comprised of three main parts, the air accelerator, the faceplate, and the monitoring panel, all of which are connected by tubing, making installation simple.

AntrumX is helping to streamline maintenance, improve IAQ, save energy, and create better indoor environments across a spectrum of industries such as commercial buildings, educational facilities, parking structures, MRI rooms, indoor agriculture, and laboratories. Some examples:


It’s a no-brainer. Healthy air keeps kids healthy. Better indoor air quality correlates with increased student attendance and performance. But the reality is, most schools lack the resources to maintain the volume of wall-mounted sensors required to achieve their goals.


MRI machines require large amounts of helium to maintain the required magnetic field. In the event of a helium leak, not only is the machine at risk of improper operation, any individual in the room is at risk, as the room may be deprived of oxygen.


Cannabis operations typically include multiple types of grow rooms, each with unique environmental conditions. To further complicate the situation, monitoring at the canopy level has proven to be both difficult and costly. AntrumX™ centralized sensing monitors the Indoor Air Quality of up to 32 unique zones from a single location, leading to more accurate and consistent data for increased yield and repeatable results.


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