Macurco Gas Detection

Innovative, industry-standard fixed gas monitoring.

Available through Merlin Instrumentation in BC and YT.

Meets your needs, every time.

Whether you are looking for gas detection for a security system, building automation or HVAC system, or for monitoring specific gases in potentially hazardous environments, Macurco has a gas detector to meet your needs.

Macurco Inc. is a leading global provider of rapidly deployable connected, intelligent gas detection systems that enable real-time safety and toxic threat detection. Macurco designs, develops and manufactures a full set of fixed gas detection monitors for the protection of workers, responders and the community.

Macurco fixed gas monitors are designed for low-level detection, mitigation, and notification of a wide variety of potentially hazardous gases. 

In conjunction with Macurco gas detectors, the Macurco controller family provide automatic control to help maintain an acceptable environment in facilities like parking garages, mechanical rooms, boiler rooms, ambulance and fire house bays, and more.

The Macurco IAQ product family ensures you “Know Your Air” in indoor applications. It is essential for maintaining adequate indoor air quality, aiding with energy savings, and mitigating stale, polluted air. The family of products accurately monitors Carbon Dioxide (CO2).


Carbon Dioxide

Current cultivation methods of cannabis and industrial hemp utilize Carbon Dioxide (CO2) enrichment to increase plant growth and development. CO2 is classified as an asphyxiant gas, which can potentially reduce or displace normal Oxygen concentrations in the air.

The two categories regarding gas detection include explosion/fire fueled by combustible gases and asphyxiation due to Oxygen (O2) displacement from Carbon Dioxide (CO2) leaks. The choices involving the source of CO2 can impact what is needed to properly design a Life Safety System.

Combustible Gas

If the release of a hazardous or combustible gas can cause immediate harm to a person or property, a means to mitigate the gas should be provided. Combustible liquids and compressed gases used in

extraction or processing in these facilities should be vented in accordance with International Fire and Mechanical Codes. Utilizing a gas detection system can activate an exhaust system and shut down the extraction process to prevent a dangerous event.

CBD Concentrate is produced by extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. The solvent-based concentrate is the most common, and the process involves passing gas through a solvent extraction device filled with cannabis plant matter.


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